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Bulk Security Role Manager helps to assign security role according to a csv file.
This tool has been developed in order to answer to a specific customer need :
"when we import a lot of user in CRM from an import file (standard import module), we can't specify user role assignations"

CSV file should respect the following format :
DOMAIN\user;Security Role Name

Tool process principle :
1) Check settings to configure CRM Connection
2) Check if given csv file exists
3) Retrieve security roles from CRM organization (use cache)
4) Retrieve users from CRM organization (use cache)
5) Resolve CSV assignations (check user and roles existences)
6) Apply assignations

Features :
1) Assign security role for given user
2) Assign multiple security role for same user (multiple csv lines)

Missing features :
1) CRM Online support
2) Clear existing assignations

How to use it :
1) Run it! :)
2) Set user assignations on CSV file
3) Set your configuration properties (organization connection settings, CSV file location)
4) Click on "Go"
If you have modified users / roles on your CRM organization, click on "Clear caches"

Important : This code and information are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

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